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Ottawa, Ontario
Contributing Playwright

a University of Ottawa Theatre Department collaboration

By-Products.D.Rivé created by Poids Plumes, Even Gilchrist,

Emily Pearlman, Emily Séguin & Maxim Racicot-Doucet

Directed by André Perrier

Set and Lighting by Margaret Coderre-Williams

Costume by Angela Haché

Video by Christopher Payne

Photos by Marianne Duval Photographe

"Somewhere between two languages, between Hull and the Glebe, is a scream. A middle finger. An amused look.

A love letter. A desire. A fresh start. An invitation.

A portrait of the national capital region – seen and told by Ottawa’s emerging and established artists. At times soft and subdued, at times a little rough around the edges. It is fun, it is colourful, it is us."

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