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Edmonton, AB
Set and Props Designer

The Mountaintop by Katori Hall

Directed by Patricia Darbasie 

Sound and Projection Design by Dave Clark

Lighting Design by Jeff Osterlin

Costume Design by Leona Brausen

Photos by Marc J Chalifoux

Design Notes

The creative team together discussed how we would approach the design for this magical show. As we were working on a stage without a lot of depth for the rear projection, we decided to make the two side walls our projection surface with a potential for varied lighting opportunities the designers were excited to explore. 

The below illustrations were exploring how we would 
approach this big reveal of heaven at the end of the production. Unfortunately there were no pictures of the show to illustrate our final reveal, which changed from original presentation due to COVID-19 impacting our production. In the end, there was an eloquent magical reveal withinn the motel room.

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